What happens if I lose the money?

The loss are covered by the company, as the traders are not liable for any losses incurred during their trading activity.

What is the price structure?

Our prices are structured as such, a one-time set up fee (enrollment & set up into live trading platform, support group, and free consultation) and recurring monthly payment.

How do I get paid?

The same account that is used to pay for the prop trading account is the same account that will receive the money.

How are you able to take on anyone?

Our trading platform makes as much business sense for us as it does for our traders. By diversifying our capital over many independent traders, we can spread our risk, whilst our risk management policies can prevent rogue traders from doing damage. We want to find and develop talent and kickstart future careers. It is in our best interest for everyone to find success.

Do you have a refund policy?
You can receive a refund within two weeks of subscription,
The amount received is based on the number of days you have remaining on license divided by 31, and then multiplied by license.
Any losses made on month of subscription are deducted from refund amount.
So, if your losses exceed the value of the amount in the second point then you are ineligible for a refund.
Can I seek help?

We offer a service where all of our prop traders have the option to join our telegram group where analysis can be shared solely between traders.