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The FXTrade Academy money management program is an excellent way to get your money working for you utilising the speed and liquidity of the Foreign Exchange Markets. Our fund mangers have proven track records available for review on request. Depending on your individual risk appetite and trading preferences you will be paired with a fund manager suitable for your account.

The managed account program was designed to help our students get exposure to live market trading conditions in a structured and safe way. By allocating a percentage of trading capital to an experienced trader the students were able to analyse and use the positioning of the fund manger to generate their own original trading ideas.


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Management Fees and Contract terms

Our Managed trading account service is billed on a monthly basis depending on how long you decide to allocate control to FX Trade Academy. Our Fees range from between 4-10% on your initial deposit, a 20% bonus fee is applied on equity growth exceeding 15% month to month.

Management Fee (Equity) Minimum Contract length
10% 3 months
5% 6 months
4.5% 12 months


The following example is of a 3 month contract at monthly management fee of 10%.
Month 1 Month 2 Month 3
Balance: 5,000GBP deposit (Minimum)

Management fee: 500GBP

Growth: 15% (5750GBP)

Bonus: 2/10ths x% > 10% (50GBP)

Balance: 5,750GBP

Management fee: 500GBP

Growth: 18% (6,785GBP)

Bonus: 2/10ths on x% > 10% (92GBP)

Balance: 6,785GBP

Management fee: 500GBP

Growth: 22% (8,277.7)

Bonus: 2/10ths on x% > 10% (162.84GBP)

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