Paul Bentley

Paul Bentley

Trading Mentor & Coach

Paul Bentley, an ex-fund manager turned daily lifestyle trader.
Paul is a well renowned retail trader that has amassed over 20 years worth of experience in trading. For 8 years, Paul has expanded his knowledge to teaching and mentoring complete novices around the world in the skill of trading. He also supports more experienced traders to refine and optimise their trading skills, ensuring maximal profits

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What To Expect From The Course

  • Give you step-by-step guidance and training to identify money-making opportunities in the forex market
  • Help you develop a trading strategy and build a tangible secondary income.
  • Identify your risk profile and ways to minimise it.
  • Create a Forex trading plan that will fit in your schedule.
  • Immerse you in the world of trading, surrounded by like-minded individuals, professional coaches and traders.
  • And lots more…
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Day 1

  1. Basic and logical understanding of the forex market.
  2. Why it exists and how to profit from it.
  3. Two core strategies that are easy to understand and you can apply any time during trading.
  4. Trader psychology.
  5. Technical analysis.
  6. Fundamental analysis.
  7. Risk management and how to protect your capital

Day 2

  1. Full day of live trading.
  2. Analysis and understanding open trades.
  3. Trade management.
  4. How to maximise the potential profit.
  5. Banking the profitable trade.
  6. Devising a bespoke trading plan/routine based on your availability
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After The Training course.

6 Months worth of Training included for only £499!

You will be given 6 weeks 1-on-1 coaching sessions!

After the first 6 weeks the coaching sessions will take place remotely every two weeks

Progress reports and trading self evaluation

A live trade check to see how well you are doing

An in-deep analysis of the Global markets.


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